The numbers keep on inflating day by day, so our space is limited. We have a specified number of tickets that people can obtain from our websites, amazon or visiting our offices that are within your reach. All our tickets have an official logo which you should use as a criterion to eliminate fake tickets. This event is a three-day event beginning on Friday all the way through Sunday.

#1. Single day ticket

You have autonomy to choose the day that you are free. The prices of tickets depend on the demand status of that particular day. If the demand is high, then the tickets are going to sell at higher prices than normal. Single day tickets are going at $75 inclusive of all taxes.

#2. The whole event tickets

For people who would like to grasp everything from the event, they can opt for this kind of card. You will have the chance to attend all the three days and listen, mingle and discuss business issues with the professionals that will be there. With this ticket, you are not guaranteed to secure the first space but the early you book the better. They are selling at $200

#3. Chief VIP

The VIP type of tickets enables you to have a hotel booked for you. Free transport to the venue every day and back to your hotel. You will have the chance to secure front space of the site enabling you to hear everything that would be discussed during the whole event. For the three days, prepared soft copy and written summary of the entire event shall be documented and given to you to go through them at your own time. These ticket sales at $350 for the three days inclusive of all taxes.

Buy tickets only on places that you know they have partnered with us. You can give us a call to ensure that you are buying a genuine ticket every year.