Three biggest takeaways from Walker Expo 2015

The event yielded outstanding results and outcomes, but there are those things are worth to mention because they are special, and they cannot be found from any other event of the same niche.

#1. The Launching of the Walker Expo magazine

It was agreed that because logistic companies must stay connected, a magazine should be brought forth where all the people who bought tickets and attended the event can have a chance to promote their businesses through various means in the magazine. You can write for the magazine; you can ask for logistic services, and you can advertise in the magazine as well. This magazine was a significant achievement because even the small logistic companies had the chance to reveal their business expertise to the world.

#2. You don’t need to be great to do great things

From of the speakers of the event, whom he was also a successful owner of a particular famous logistic company shared how he started the logistic company when he was still in high school. Narrowing down all the channels that he used to reach where he is today, it was a living miracle that many people took home to teach their children and young ones. Many people imagine how they can own warehouses, planes and trucks to transport the goods, but that guy had nothing and today he is the most prosperous person.

#3. Free websites

Some questions were asked by the speakers who were speaking at the conference. All people were given the chance to answer the issues, and the lucky ones were given the best websites that were customized for their business.

A lot of great things happened during the event, and the above three are just a drop in the ocean.