Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey – Owner/Blogger

Transport has been instrumental in our daily businesses, and all manufacturers and entrepreneurs know that without excellent transport means, all aspects of companies could end up shutting down. Walker Expo is an annual event held in the US to bring together all people of activity, manufacturers and transport businesses in a bid to discuss the challenges, improvements and inventions in the transport and logistics sector. The event is held on US grounds, but its services and concepts are beneficial to every business person and transport and logistic company in the whole world. A lot of things get discussed here, and you will meet some of the prosperous and reliable logistic companies that you can partner with.

It is an event that merges talents, ideas and opinions for a better logistic industry of the future. For almost ten years, the event has been recording major attendance increase as compared to when it was starting. It touches on the customization of transport for particular goods, preservation measures for horticultural products that are carried on long distances, discuss issues that affect international transportation of goods and the necessary transport means that should be brought into existence in the next coming years.