Transport and logistics have been regarded as a separate aspect that does not even have the impact in business. But that is not true because if goods get produced or manufactured without reaching consumers, that would be like doing zero work. In transport and logistics, we want to avail products to the customers in the perfect condition and quality by implementing transport mechanisms that would preserve and store even delicate and easy-to-spoil goods.

We try to make use of technology and design our transport vessels in a manner that would guarantee protection from inclement weather, theft as well as securing the goods from damage that could result from shaking while on transit. Below are some of the measures.


Installation of refrigerators in plane walls and vehicles

Transportation of flowers and other horticultural products internationally has been a challenge. Although people trusted the speed of air transport, some products used to get damaged while on the way because of the various destinations that planes need to stop before they reach the final destination. As a result, we worked with scientists and engineers to manufacturer planes with refrigerators. This invention enabled us to transport horticultural products even for weeks and months without getting spoilt.


Shock absorbers in the transportation vessels

Things like furniture and electronics need serious protection to reach where they are needed safely. We, therefore, need to secure them nicely with proper wrapping and place them on sites that have shock absorbers to avoid their breakage during transportation.


The tracking system of vehicles and planes

For security purposes, all the transportation means are well tracked so that in any case of security breach, the security personnel would be able to rescue the goods and the staff.

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